Care for Accordion and Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

To maintain accordion style shutters you should:
  • Start with an inspection and check to make sure your hurricane shutters work properly

  • Check for breakage and make sure everything moves smoothly on the track

  • Clean away any debris and clear the tracks with a vacuum

  • Wipe down the shutter blades with mild soap and a soft cloth to remove dirt, debris, and buildup from salt spray

  • Rinse shutters with clear water and dry with absorbent cloth.

  • Lubricate the casters, tracks, and locks with a silicone spray to ensure proper function

  • Do NOT use power washers, acidic cleaners and solvents, abrasive cleaners, scrapers, or minerals spirits

Hurricane Shutter Care and Maintenance

If you are a long-time Treasure Coast resident then you know that yearly storm protection maintenance is a necessity. You don’t want to wait until a hurricane strikes to find out your hurricane shutters are no longer in working condition. Windblown dust, dirt, salt, and sand can quickly build up and can cause wear or corrosion. They can impede the operation of your hurricane shutters and put you and your loved ones in danger. But you can’t just go after your shutters with power washers or steel wool. These could ruin or remove the corrosion resistant coatings on your hardware and shutters.
Operate at Least Once a Month

Even during the off-season, you want to open and close your shutters at routine intervals. This is important and will help keep the tracks clear and ensure movable parts are operational.

Maintenance and Repairs

Aside from routine inspections and cleanings you also want to do any repairs you uncover. Do not put them off. If the motor is broken, call Tradewinds Shutter Services to get it replaced. You might even think about purchasing an upgrade with a remote sensor or switch to make operation easy. Also, if you notice cracked, dented, or bent slats you will want to have those repaired as well.
Regardless of using them or not, you should maintain your shutters every season. The steps are fairly simple, but if you don’t take the time to maintain your hurricane shutters it could cost you. You need to keep your hurricane shutters in top shape. Not only will this help prolong the life of your shutters, but will also give you peace of mind.

Need Expert Help?

Do you need professionals to help inspect, maintain, clean, and repair? We do all we can to help protect you from the damage of major storms and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. After all, functioning shutters are not a luxury—they are a necessity.

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